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Listen/purchase: the preservation ep by brian sendrowitz

This EP is a collection of 4 track home recordings that I originally released as a limited run CD-R in early 2005, a few months before I began to work on the material that would become the first Beat Radio album. The songs have always been close to my heart, and looking back they feel set apart from the other work I’ve done. The live recordings included here as bonus tracks are from a session I recorded for Michael Leahy’s Cool as Folk radio show at KDVS in Davis, CA in February 2005.



I think chaos is a perception. People say that there’s too much information, and I would say that there’s no more information now than there was before. The difference is that people believe they have to know it—that the more information they have, the better the product is going to be and the more money the company is going to make. I don’t think it depends as much on the amount of information someone has as on the way it’s taken in. And that needs to be mindfully.

Ellen Langer. “Mindfulness in the Age of Complexity” (via peterspear)

"Mindfulness" is rocketing up the 2k14 buzzword hate list but the basic point is right: the problem isn’t the stream, it’s the fear of stepping out of it, to the extent that doing so now needs its own "movement"

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yo no one should hate on mindfulness 

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