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I know you probably get this a lot, but you're a lyrical genius on the ranks of Conor Oberst and Ben Gibbard, imo. Hard Times, Go! and The Great Big Sea are both amazing albums with amazing depth and honesty to them. Thank you for making music. <3

aww jeez!  i don’t get that alot, it’s really nice of you to say.  music is weird these days, lyrics don’t always reach people because people don’t always listen closely.  but anyway, i still spend alot of time obsessing over lyrics so it’s nice to hear when that is appreciated.  cheers! B

  • Track Name

    people are talking (demo)

  • Album

    demos 2007

  • Artist

    beat radio

this is the demo for “people are talking.”  You can d/l the mp3 if you wanna here.  It’s a pretty rough draft but listening back to it now it’s kind of refreshing in contrast to the more rocked out version we did in the studio.  I wrote this at a really crazy time after our first LP had gotten the attention of some labels/industry folks, and at the same time our band was sort of imploding. More than any other time I can remember, I was coming from a place of being really focused on trying to write a hit.  It was that old holy grail quest of the perfect 3 1/2 minute pop song.  I guess that’s what beat radio has always been about - trying to write hit songs and failing, but failing in hopefully interesting ways that find some sort of connection, and some sort of merit of their own.

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